About me

My philosophy: Work is not prison. People are not machines. Life should be a joy as often,and for as long, as possible.

I am a qualified Solicitor who has trained, over the years in a range of additional areas:


  • Negotiation – I attended the Harvard Law School programme on negotiation;

  • Mediation – I passed through the London School of Mediation training programme

  • Management – Numerous in-house and external courses over the past 35+ years;

  • Business – Over the years I have learned so much about the mechanics of businesses, large and small, local and international.


  • Have run training courses on a range of subjects and in different styles – traditional lectures; interactive seminars; residential courses.

  • Have an “active” style and draw on many different elements to help explain ideas and thoughts. I draw (badly) and love diagrams to illustrate relationships and structures.

  • Will use art and music, if they help your/our creativity – I find wandering in art galleries often generates new ideas for business and life.

  • Have worked in huge multinationals – Monsanto, Air Products, ON Semiconductor – and start-up companies. I have helped SMEs raise finance; settled shareholder and director disputes; completed JVs big and small across various countries; and so much more.

  • Have had success and failure, just like everyone else.

  • Have travelled the world and worked with a very wide range of people and cultures.

  • Like to challenge conventional thinking; not just for the sake of it, but because conventions can just be excuses for not working a bit harder to find a better way to live, work and play.

  • Am never happy with forced positions; bully tactics; or, irrational behaviour that just brings unhappiness and difficulties to those around us.

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